Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cameroon Entertainment - Consistency vs Hypocrisy

It’s a rare phenomenon that I write more than a few funny or wise lines of Facebook, but I’m going to go out of the ordinary so you all can grasp my vivid concern. I’m really concerned with the state of affairs with our entertainment industry. And that no longer lies in my continuous penchant for quality. Rather it lies in the bosom of my concern for “consistency”.

Quality has become an issue of the past, but the magnanimity of our feeble minds has misled our entertainers into believing that’s all that matters. Don’t get me wrong. This is not angry rant targeted at entertainers. No. Rather, it’s an open sincere plea; an ode to progress, an intrinsic public service announcement. 

As an online promoter (and former unsuccessful comedian), I am inclined to wonder if all entertainers beseech their managers to fill the contemptuous void left by the lack of promotion for their works of art. Let me tell you a little secret (and it’s free). When you take the time, energy and resources to produce a movie, song or design, you’ll not only need maximum promotion; you’ll need maximum continuity and consistency right up to the period when you’ll have your next release. Period. (Told you it was free).

The silence between the after promo period till your next release serves as a wormhole – sucking away attention from your precious empire and pulling out most of your ardent fans. Then by the time you’ll want to release later on, guess what? Too late! Attention span redirected to another entertainer, who will no doubt make the ostentatious error of falling into pitch-black silence, and the cycle continues.

Most of you (especially entertainers) reading this might wonder where I’m headed at. Some of you might think it’s a shameless attempt at advertising the services of Hansel Media. No, it’s not. But if it were, it would be a testament to the fact that we all need entertainers who remain relevant on scene, rather than ones who crave for their 15 minutes of fame. I love entertainment, and I hope you all stay relevant. You know where to get it.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


My people of the same struggle. Accept season’s greetings from yours truly. Days, weeks and months have gone by, and one by one we are beginning to construe the efforts of some extraordinary artists in the entertainment milieu. Permit me begin by appreciating the attainments of the likes of New Bell Records, Victor Viyuh, Museba, Stanley Enow, and a host others who strive to make the name of our beloved country rise to the pinnacle of its glory.

When one looks at the level of English entertainment in our country, one ponders on the reasons for the emergence of so many so-called entertainers who plague the horizon with horrendous works of art in the name of intellectual entertainment. One worries whether they see the need to fight for a change rather than chase the fame they crave with a fiery passion.

Every work of art is garbage until it has a purpose. Once purposefulness has been given to it, it now becomes an original art form, one intended to identify a particular ideology. Entertainment is not just WHAT you do, but WHY you do what you do. If we desist from chasing dreams and working on reality, we would not just identify to a particular ideology, but we would create one for generations to follow.

Whatever your sphere, you have the power to fight for a cause and make a difference. If we keep copying what others have done for the sake of fame, then we will keep blaming the wrong people (our President included) for our misfortunes. Entertainment with diligence is a massive weapon that can change great things (except maybe the Middle East crisis). Walk the unbeaten path. Arrive where no man has been. Make a difference. I wish you all the best.

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